Bus Stop

David Roberts as Carl, Stephen Steiner as Dr. Lyman, and Hannah Knapp as Elma

Bus Stop

Hannah Knapp as Elma, Xanadu Bruggers as Cherie, and Stephen Steiner as Dr. Lyman

photos courtesy of fred chacon

bus stop (elma)

By William Inge

Directed by Michael Ryken

Altarena Playhouse

Alameda, California

with Xanadu Bruggers, Charles Evans, Charles Lewis, Adam Reeser, Cynthia Roberts, David Roberts and Stephen Steiner

"Hannah Knapp was delightful in her joyous and childlike innocence...she delivered the character perfectly and you could not help but to love her."
- Charlie Jarrett, The Rossmoor News

"Hannah Knapp [was] all innocence and enthusiasm as the young waitress ...The well-paced drama found much of the comedy in Inge's piece."
- Sally Hogarty, The Contra Costa Times

"Steiner and Knapp turn in outstanding performances ... Director Michael Ryken has done well ... an enjoyable little comedy."
- Alice Grace Chalip, The Alameda Times-Star