Hannah Knapp as Ellen Webb, Haining Luan as Wilson, and Denise Polt as Private Detective Violet Macintosh

photo courtesy of dan wilson

the chinese angle (ellen webb)

By Hal Savage

Directed by Dan Wilson

Savage Eye Productions

SF Playhouse Stage 2, San Francisco, California

with Kamran Alexander, Pilar Alvarez, Haining Luan, Denise Polt, Alan Quismorio, Eleanor Mason-Reinholdt, Hal Savage & Alexis Wong

"The gritty texture and local references of this new play make parts of Twentieth Century San Francisco come alive again... The actors play broadly outlined characters with a convincing emphasis on the radio-mystery style."
- Albert Goodwyn, San Francisco Bay Times

"Hal Savage has captured the essence of those "B" films in this production... Hannah Knapp as Ellen Webb and Kamran Alexander as Niles Hunter give fetching performances as the Caucasian couple caught up in a murder at the club."
- Richard Connema, TalkinBroadway.com

"This homage to everything noir is all about dames...who strut and preen around the small stage looking for trouble. These ladies capture the spirit of a good noir whodunit."
- Molly Rhodes, San Francisco Weekly