I'm Yours!

Christian Cagigal as Luscinda's Father, Hannah Knapp as Luscinda, Sarah Meyerhoff as the Priest and Erin Carter as Don Fernando

I'm Yours!

Hannah Knapp as Luscinda and Andrew Calabrese as Cardenio, with Sarah Meyeroff & Nicole Lungerhausen as guests at the ball

photos courtesy of joe ngammekchay

i'm yours! or, deranged by love (luscinda)

Directed by Matthew Graham Smith

Precarious Theatre Ensemble

EXIT Theatre, San Francisco, California

with Christian Cagigal, Andrew Calabrese, Erin Carter, Nicole Lungerhausen and Sarah Meyerhoff

"[This] sharply staged, slightly salty comedy is a remarkable 400 years fresh. The story is just intricate enough to keep you guessing, charged throughout with dynamic, fine-tuned performances, ready wit, and a handful of clever, tuneful passages."
- Rob Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Wide-eyed Calabrese embodies cute Cardenio with playful zeal, delightfully bolstered by Knappā€™s depiction of the innocent-but-determined and lovely Lucinda...imaginatively staged and designed with a solid cast of talented actors."
- Tom W. Kelly, San Francisco Bay Times

"A capable cast plays the tongue-in-cheek melodramatic qualities well as the script and lyrics pay delightful homage to Cervantes in mocking and celebrating the convoluted excesses of old-fashioned romance."
- Rob Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle