Julia Heitner as Vera, Eleanor Mason Reinholdt as Mama, and Hannah Knapp as Sherry

photos courtesy of Jay Yamada

distracted (sherry)

by Lisa Loomer

Directed by Clive Worsley

Town Hall Theatre, Lafayette, California

with Derek Fischer, Louise Fisher, Chris Hayes, Julia Heitner, Rami Margron, Tamara Miller, Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, and Nathan Correll & Louis Kehoe as the son

"In a series of vignettes savaging modern life and the bubble-wrapped nanny state, we journey hilariously through Mama's guilt-ridden and earnestly concerned world as she seeks advice from modern shamans, teachers, shrinks, counselors, vaguely mysterious experts and both sides of the pitched battle between the drug and no-drug philosophies of treating the condition. All of this, in the hands of director Clive Worsley and his wonderful cast, creates a rip-roaring production that beautifully skewers modern society and its deliciously faux-scientific foibles."
- Pat Craig, San Jose Mercury News