A Midsummer Night's Dream

Matthew Balin as Bottom and Hannah Knapp as Titania

photo courtesy of neil riley

a midsummer night's dream (titania)

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Lisa A. Tromovitch

Livermore Shakespeare Festival

Concannon Winery, Livermore, California

with Michael Abts, Timothy Ackerman, Carley Bain, Matthew Balin, Chris Dewey, Rob Evans, James Hiser, Nikolai Lokteff, Christine Macomber, Russell Marcel, Richard Massery, Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, Joseph Salazar, Elissa Beth Stebbins and William Wolak

"[A] memorable high-energy tale of romance and fairy meddling. The show is remarkably well cast across a wide age range, with some wonderfully innovative character interpretations that give many roles...a fresh, new look."
- Pat Craig, The Contra Costa Times/Valley Times

"King Oberon...is played to the towering hilt by Russell Marcel, as he bickers with his headstrong consort Titania, a radiantly beauteous Hannah Knapp...Altogether "Dream" is a masterful melding of setting, special effects and an ideal acting ensemble, with a wonderfully creative director crafting every detail."
- Susan Steinberg, The Independent