The Glass Menagerie

Brian Trybom as Tom, Suzan Kendall as Amanda and Nick A. Olivero as Jim with Hannah Knapp as Laura, Lauren Doucette as Shadow Laura and Peter Matthews as Shadow Tom

The Glass Menagerie

Suzan Kendall as Amanda and Hannah Knapp as Laura with Lauren Doucette as Shadow Laura and Maggie McCally as Shadow Amanda

The Glass Menagerie

Brian Trybom as Tom and Hannah Knapp as Laura

photos courtesy of peter liu

the glass menagerie (laura)

By Tennessee Williams

Directed by Jessica Holt

Boxcar Theatre

Boxcar Playhouse, San Francisco, California

with Lauren Doucette, Linnea George, Suzan Kendall, Casi Maggio, Peter Matthews, Maggie McCally, Nick A. Olivero, Juliet Tanner and Brian Trybom

"An innovative, very successful new interpretation...The ingenuity of this production lies in the wordless interactions between the shadows and the distraught Wingfields...The marvelously complex staging of this show holds interest intensely...Having the shadows react to their real selves heightens the emotions of anger and disillusionment, while extending Williams' metaphors of uncertainty and melancholy...Boxcar has added more depth in a modernist or cubist style, showing facets of the characters from skewed angles, thereby expanding our understanding of who these people are."
- Albert Goodwyn, San Francisco Bay Times

"Some powerful performances by local actors are on display during Boxcar's "Tenn Will" festival. Most notable are Suzan A. Kendall's characterizations of Amanda Wingfield and Big Momma...Matching her in a remarkable contrast is Hannah Knapp, who does double duty as Amanda's shy daughter (Laura) in The Glass Menagerie and as Gooper's greedy wife, Mae (mother to "those awful no-neck monsters"), in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. "
- George Heymont, The Huffington Post