Silk Stockings

Dyan McBride as Janice Dayton, Lee Ann Payne as Ninotchka, and Ian Simpson as Steve Canfield

photo courtesy of David Allen

silk stockings (ensemble)

Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter - Book by George S. Kaufman, Leueen MacGrath & Abe Burrows

Directed by Greg MacKellan - Musical Direction by Dave Dobrusky - Choreography by Jayne Zaban

42nd Street Moon

Eureka Theatre, San Francisco, California

with Ian Simpson, Lee Ann Payne, Dyan McBride, Jackson Davis, Daniel Epstein, Michael Rhone, Jeremy Vik, Nancy Dobbs Owen, Annie Donahey, Bill Olson, Corinne Proctor, Ray Renati and Jonathan Shue

"[T]his production represents a successful end to a triumphant season at one of the City's finest entertainment treasures."
- Gregory M. Alonzo, Stark Insider

"The entire ensemble shows such depth of talent that it's a testament to the company's ability to draw fine actors from the whole region. Nancy Dobbs Owen, Annie Donahey, Hannah Knapp, Bill Olson, Corinne Proctor and Jonathan Shue round out the ensemble, singing and dancing with aplomb and playing numerous characters, adding a great deal of energy and enjoyment."
- Jeanie K. Smith, San Francisco Bay Times

"[E]xuberance abounds, humor was plentiful, and musical gems were pleasing to the ear."
- Kedar K. Adour, For All Events

"Some energetic work is displayed, thanks to director Greg MacKellan. The choral numbers for "Too Bad," "Hail, Bibinski" and "The Red Blues" are vibrant...Annie Donahey, Hannah Knapp, Bill Olson, Corinne Proctor and Ray Renati playing various roles don't disappoint...with every member playing their parts well."
- Richard Connema, Talkin' Broadway

"You don't see a lot of Silk Stockings revivals, so we have yet another reason to celebrate 42nd Street Moon's dedication to dusting off shows that we'd never otherwise get to experience."
- Chad Jones, Theater Dogs

"It's a huge cast and each one should be nominated for a Tony - if we had Tony's here. But in my book - they deserve it."
- Lee Hartgrave, Beyond Chron